17 September 2010

How did a year and a half pass so quickly????

The last time I posted was in March 2009. How many dozens of feet I have worked on since that time. Every week brings a kaleidescope of clients from dear friends to UN colleagues to dancers and artists to senior citizens and children. Each person who puts their feet into my hands - inspires me, teaches me and challenges me. Just yesterday NH came for Champissage. N, a well-known and very accomplished artist suggested we do a "swap", that is, a piece of her art work for several Reflexology or Champissage sessions. I was delighted but not sure how Reflexology could possibly compensate for her amazing artwork - which she sells anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars a piece. Well, I proceeded to spend several hours at her studio (it would take days really) and found something so perfect - just touched my heart and soul - a really beautiful piece of artwork. Money was not the issue here. We traded gifts of the heart. P.S. This is not to say I dont work for money - I do. And everyone finds my prices very fair. But every once in a while - the opportunity for a "swap" comes along and in this case - it was superb!!

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  1. What a great idea Barada. I think that artists' swap is something very unique and nourishing for spirit.
    This painting is beautiful.
    And.......I agree, how can one and a half year pass so quickly?
    You are in my mind.