24 September 2010

Reflexology and Parkinson's

Today at my Reflexology NY practice, I saw a lovely woman (named Em) who has had Parkinson's Disease for about 16 years. She was managing it very well until this last year when it started to take a toll on her fine motor skills and balance capabilities. Since Parkinson's has been known to respond to Reflexology and Champissage complements to allopathic medicine, I proposed that we do both in one session starting with a full Champissage massage and moving into about 10 minutes of Reflexology on each foot.
While working, I played the CD, "Relax and de-stress", an arrangement by the Apollo Chamber Ensemble performing 'psychoacoustically' arranged music of Vivaldi, Mozart, Debussy and more. The psychoacoustics - the inquiry of what happens with different sounds and rhythms - in this album was designed to soothe the heart rate, brainwaves and breath. Apparently when we are tired or stressed, our ability to perceive complex auditory data is diminished - yet the times we are overwhelmed are when the vital harmonics of sound are of greatest value. So the music on this album is purposefully very slow and easy - sonic "manna" for a fatigued nervous system. Anyway, while gently massaging Em's head and face during Champissage - I heard a beautiful sweet voice accompanying the music. Seems that she had been a singer and in the space of our work together - she was moved to sing along with a Schubert piece. After our hour long session she reported feeling deeply relaxed and feeling wonderful. Turns out that while we were working - Obama passed by the Salon on his way to a UN meeting. About an hour later - he passed by again - and I got to see him. My colleague Lee said, "he's not in a good mood today because yesterday when he passed by - he waved at us". Oh well, I did not mind because I was in a very good mood after working with Em and sharing a psychoacoustic song.

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