18 October 2010

Reflexology on a stroke patient - 5 years later

Today I worked on Kay's feet. I first met her in August 2005. A beautiful, soft-spoken and graceful woman. Then in October of that year, she had a stroke at the age of 28. Her left side was affected. The doctors said that involuntary actions such as blood pressure and her breathing were affected. Stents were put in the vertical arteries in her neck. She was lucky to be alive.
I had just completed my first Reflexology training course. Although reflexology was proven particularly beneficial for stroke patients, could I dare "practice" on a stroke victim? Her response was yes, she definitely wanted reflexology. No sooner was she out of the hospital that she appeared on my doorstep. Seeing her immediately after the stroke, it was hard to see the person I had met only weeks earlier. Her beautiful face was recognizable, but her eyes were no longer shining - she seemed to hold herself very stiffly - giving an impression of fear and hurt.
We got to work. She told me her first reaction was a feeling of warmth in the back of the rib cage. I knew we were on to something - starting at the heart "chakra". In the next few sessions, sometimes several times a week, I continued to work all relevant reflexes related to the brain and the affected parts of the body. Kay reported that her breathing improved and that , her left foot felt more alive. She also started working on her own feet. Her balance was better. In January 06, she returned to the hospital for a procedure to see how the brain was doing. I heard her tell me the following statement as though she were singing: "the team of doctors said my arteries were like new!" Her face was clear, open and bright and her eyes were shining with confidence. She said she felt like a lot of clutter had lifted from her heart.
Kay started running. She married her wonderful musician boyfriend. She received a grant to study for an MA in Santa Fe. Every time she visited NY, she came for a Reflexology session. Now living in NYC with her husband, she is addressed as Professor in a small college in NJ. Everytime I see my dear friend Kay, I remember what Reflelxology is all about.

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