12 November 2010

A Dancer's Feet Sorely need Reflexology

Many lovely clients have come to the Salon these weeks but today I want to write about one in particular - a dancer named El. And her feet. El is a talented and beautiful dancer whose specialities are Tango and Theater Arts. For the latter, she pairs with a renowned partner who lifts her and throws her and swirls her through the air. So when she comes to Reflexology, there is often a story behind each band-aid and sore muscle. What is it like to work on El's dancer feet - ones that are, among other things, constantly moving in 4 inch heels and landing difficult jumps? I'll tell you. For example, yesterday El came in and reported that her lower back was sore and that her right ovary felt tender. Checking into her emotional state, El said she was a bit depressed and sensed it as a heaviness in the center of her chest. What wonderful information to work with! I started the session with gentle pressure on the solar plexus, diaphragm and heart reflex areas of El's left foot asking her to simultaneously breathe into the center of her chest. Not surprisingly, the parts of her foot that hurt and thus needed extra attention were the right ovary, the lumbar spine and adrenal reflex areas of both feet. What is unique about El, is that she brings her whole self to Reflexology. She loves herbs and natural remedies, practicing yoga and gyrotonics. These, coupled with her deep interest in returning to a state of wholeness, allow Reflexology to work in an unencumbered way. While working, I felt great peace within my own chest! When we finished, El shared that the heaviness in her chest had eased and that she felt "much better". Checking in with her at the end of that day, she reported that her entire body felt much more relaxed and that she also felt much more peaceful while going through her day - more inner. She also said she was much more energetic - less lethargic and turning the corner to start to feel excited about her weekend of performing. I know she will dance beautifully on feet that are open to the wisdom of healing.


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