30 November 2010

Peace in the world - one foot at a time

Very often I get to work on Mana's feet. And each time I do so - I am grateful for the opportunity to thank her in some way for having been one of the best bosses I ever had at the UN. Mana, still beautiful and elegant at the age of 70, is again working temporarily at the UN because, well, because the UN desperately needs her rare talent, a combination of dedication, wisdom and clear analytical thinking. Not to mention her wonderful sense of fun and humour. The very first time Mana came to see me she told me that she never goes to the bathroom while working. Maybe she thought this was a sign of her dedicated service. In response I probably mentioned that our bodies need to rid themselves of toxins and urination was one important way. Anyway, I made sure I worked on her kidney reflex area. So it was no surprise to me - although it was to Mana - that halfway through the session - she had to make a run to the bathroom. That was a good thing - the reflexology was working! And so whenever Mana is able, she comes for Reflexology and I can see that she takes it as her sacred hour of undisturbed peace and deep relaxation. Not to mention that a host of ailments she has carried over time have either cleared up or been reduced consideraby since we began working together. Mana's feet are real UN feet - they have served for many many years. This is really an example of peace in the world - one foot at a time.

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  1. Hi Barada!

    This was great, through your words we all get to meet Mana and have some understanding through your practice of Reflexology what her physical and spiritual being has experienced. I think it is so interesting how our bodies react to the stress we carry inside. If not released on our one, our body will make sure we do and will make sure that we listen. Keep up the great work and happy New Year!