18 August 2011

Pregnancy and Reflexology

I feel so lucky! My client Natalie is pregnant and has decided to use Reflexology as one of her holistic support sytems throughout her pregnancy. Natalie's lifestyle is already a healthy one. In fact, she LOVES greens. She eats greens for breakfast - no problem! So it is no surprise that she looks radiant and feels very well. At week 21 - the weight of the baby is causing some stress on the back and belly - but overall, there have been no major discomforts.

The baby is due in December and this summer is Natalie's time to embrace her pregnancy. My zero gravity chair is perfect for her. It is made to allow the client to feel weightless when it's tilted to the back at an angle range. The body will be close to a lying-down position with the person's legs above the heart level. In this position, one is said to be experiencing "zero gravity" because most of the weight is taken off the back. In short, one feels light and weightless. As Natalie stretches out on the chair, her whole body eases into a visibly more peaceful and relaxed state. This allows Natalie to be receptive to the reflexology treatment which in turn helps to keep her body and hormones balanced as well as support and strengthen her uterus and immune system. Not to mention that research has shown that women who have regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy have far shorter labours than those who don't.

But here is the magic!! Sometimes while working on Natalie's feet, I have felt a third presence - something or someone very wise, angelic and curious appears. The first time I felt this happen, I was so moved that it brought tears to my eyes. Was it indeed her little daughter enjoying the reflexology session as well?

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